Sierra EM7690/EM9191/EM9190 Firmware Flashing

The following document is the process that we use to flash firmware updates to our Sierra 5G modems, when we want a simple generic firmware installation that is up to date. This process uses the Windows operating system and the modem must be plugged into a Windows machine via proper USB adapter.

You will need Sierra Wireless USB 5G Modem drivers for Windows for the Windows system to properly load and interface the Sierra Wireless modem.

You may download the firmware images that we use for this instructional HERE. This is a zip file that contains windows .bat files that will need to be run. You can and should scan all downloaded files for viruses before running anything on your own system.

The latest firmware images can be had directly from Sierra Wireless or from your Sierra Wireless retailer. Reach out to us if you have purchased your modem from us and we will provide the latest firmware images that we have access to.

Prepping the modem:
Though this step is not needed, it is what we do. Prior to installing our latest firmware we will delete all prior FW and PRI images from the modem. This must be done via AT commands. How to send modem AT commands is outside the scope of this tutorial, but the commands to do so are:
1st: AT!ENTERCND=”A710″ to enable the commands
2nd: AT!IMAGE=0,1 to delete all PRI images (carrier images)
3rd: AT!IMAGE=0,0 to delete all FW images
You can verify they are all gone with: AT!IMAGE?
Then it is clear of all firmware and PRI images. Ready for a fresh firmware update.

Firmware Update Process:

Step 1: Unzip the file downloaded to a location you will recall for the next steps.

Step 2: There are three .bat files provided. They are labeled in the order that they should be executed.
(Skip to step 4 if you have newer firmware installed – Above version

Right click on the file titled “1st_Flash_Gen_…..bat”
This will run the Sierra Wireless Firmware download tool for windows and install an early firmware version. –

This will bring up a command line style window to run the updater. Let it finish completely and then follow its prompt to click on enter to close the window.
If the updater fails to install the firmware (it will immediately skip all processes and show that no progress was made), you may have not allowed the modem time to fully load its drivers, or you do not have the proper Windows drivers installed. Sometimes rebooting Windows after the driver installation is needed.

Step 3: Right click on the file titled “2st_Flash_Gen_…..bat”
This will run the Sierra Wireless Firmware download tool for windows and install an mid-early firmware version. –

Step 4: Right click on the file titled “3st_Flash_Gen_…..bat”
This will run the Sierra Wireless Firmware download tool for windows and install the latest firmware version, as of this writing. –

Optional Step 5: Repeat step 4 to ensure the final firmware flash was set properly.

Once fully complete, you can remove the modem from your PC and reinstall it into your primary system.

This process will only install the Sierra Wireless “Generic” firmware. This is the firmware version used in the vast majority of use cases that we deal with. Installing other carrier firmware PRI, or multiple firmware images on one modem, is outside the scope of this tutorial.

NOTICE: The Wireless Haven is NOT responsible for any damage done to modems from improper or failed firmware updating from following this document or any other information on our site. You must proceed with this process at your own risk. Following these instruction assumes you are taking full responsibility for your equipment and actions.