USB to Mini PCI-E Adapter with Bottom Side SIM Card Slot


USB to Mini PCI-E Adapter with SIM Card Slot

This USB to Mini PCI-E Adapter with Bottom Side SIM Card Slot uses a Standard (Full Size) SIM Card, and a convenient “Click / Click” style slot.  The SIM card slot is positioned perpendicular to the adapter board, on the bottom.
It is useful for attaching a 3G 4G LTE mini PCI-e card (i.e., the Sierra Wireless MC series) directly to a PC or router.   The clip design quickly secures the card in place which is convenient for installing and removing the modem without the need of screws.

We use these adapters to flash firmware onto mini PCI-E modem modules.


  1. When using a SIM Card adapter (i.e., micro to standard, etc), take precaution that the SIM card fits “freely” and flat into the adapter.  In other words, you should not have to force the SIM card into the adapter.  A SIM card that is too tight, when installed in the SIM slot, can rise and cause a misalignment between the adapter pins and SIM card.  All tits/nubs on the side of the SIM card should be sanded smooth.  This is easily done with a laying a nail file/emery board/piece of sand paper flat on table top, and working the SIM card evenly across until smooth.
  2. This USB adapter will not work on the NGFF (m.2) modem cards (i.e., Sierra Wireless EM series cards).  The USB to NGFF adapter must be used.
  3. In order for a Windows based PC to recognize a Sierra Wireless modem card, regardless of how it is being attached, the Sierra Wireless Windows drivers must first be installed on the Windows device.  Refer to our LTE FIX IT Series tutorial


Package includes:

1 x Mini PCI-e to USB adapter (with SIM slot), WWAN/LTE Module and SIM card is not included

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 0.5 in

1 review for USB to Mini PCI-E Adapter with Bottom Side SIM Card Slot

  1. Louis Overfiend

    Absolutely does what it’s supposed to do. On my laptop, I have a whitelist preventing me from using an MC7455 directly, so I plugged it into this USB adapter and it was able to function. I used this mostly for doing firmware upgrades, because this is just a raw card and you don’t have the accouterments you find in the full enclosures like antenna ports or a case. For testing purposes though, absolutely great.

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