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The Wireless Haven

LTE FIX – New Site Announcement – The Wireless Haven has moved to a new website and Domain! Read on to see what is going on and why we have made changes here at LTE Fix…

The Wireless Haven Tutorial - NEXP1GO PoE power configuration

Configuring the NEXP1GO for PoE Use

In this quick video we show you step by step how to configure the NEXP1GO router for using its PoE power via the ethernet WAN port.

The Wireless Haven - PoE Nighthawk Power

How to PoE Power a Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 for outdoor enclosures

Check out our video showing you all you need to power a Netgear MR1100 Nighthawk M1 Hotspot via PoE so that you can place it up high outside.

Turn off the WiFi - The Wireless Haven - WiFiX Firmware Tutorials

WiFiX Firmware – How to Turn Off Your WiFi Radios

When we setup our router systems for cellular connectivity, sometimes we just need the modem to do modem stuff. We may not necessarily want the system to be our router and modem and wifi access point.

We might just want the router to hush up and pass the data on to our switch or other system that we use for WiFi, or maybe we just want to feed all the “internets” into our one and only computer.

If you want to know how to turn off your routers WiFi, when using one of our WiFiX routers, then watch this quick video on just that.