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The Wireless Haven

LTE FIX – New Site Announcement – The Wireless Haven has moved to a new website and Domain! Read on to see what is going on and why we have made changes here at LTE Fix…

The Wireless Haven Information Resources - Common APNs

Common APN’s

Network APN Username Password Alltel NONE alltel AT&T broadband NONE NONE   i2gold (Business Plan, call AT&T) NONE   isp.cingular [email protected] cingular1   ispda.cingular [email protected] cingular1   wap.cingular [email protected] cingular1 Bell…

WiFiX Router Firmware

LTE FIX offers its WiFiX router firmware that may be used on routers purchased through LTE FIX LLC. WiFiX and LTE FIX are registered trademarks of LTE FIX LLC. The WiFiX name…