The Wireless Haven strives to provide the best customer experience by offering quality products, both new and refurbished.

We provide assembled OEM products as well as components for building custom projects. The Wireless Haven does not provide products for a customer to sample (test for an application) and return.  These products are now used and can no longer be sold as new.  These type of transactions would leave us with a large inventory of used products at a significant cost.

It is highly recommended that a buyer thoroughly research their custom project, components, compatibility and/or configuration as well as the availability of adequate and compatible cellular service and carrier bands, prior to purchasing a product.

The return of any new or refurbished, non-defective product, unless otherwise prearranged with The Wireless Haven via email, will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of twenty  percent (20%).  Additional fees may be warranted where a returned product was physically damaged and/or missing components and/or accessories.  We do not refund the shipping costs incurred from your orders that have been shipped, those services have been rendered and costs used.

The Wireless Haven recommends for a customer to read and understand what is warrantied and what is excluded from the limited warranty.

To see our full Warranty policy, see here: