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WiFiX NEXP1GO Cellular Gateway Router System

Everything we can provide, to date, specific to the NEXP1GO router should be found on this page.



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Updating the WiFiX Firmware

Follow with us as we show you how to update your WiFiX router to the latest firmware release.
This process is the same for all WiFiX routers.

Live Streaming TV on WiFiX Firmware - VPN

Sometimes streaming Live TV on a wireless internet system can get blocked by the streaming service provider.
This is the start to finish way to install streaming specific VPN service from Torguard on any WiFiX router.

WiFiX Firmware - Disable the WiFi Radios

If you don’t  need the WiFi function of your WiFiX router, here is the step by step method to disable the WiFi radios of your router.

Quectel Modem Modules - Updating modem firmware while the module is in the router

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If your router has a free USB port (sometimes a USB hub is needed, if you are using the port for your modem) then you can keep your modem in your router and update the modem firmware with a simple USB thumb drive or portable hard drive.

Using the PoE power via WAN port as a LAN port.

Do you need to use the PoE function of the NEXP1GO router?
This video steps you through the entire process from beginning to end.

NEXP1GO General Intro

General hardware overview of the NEXP1GO router.

Modem MHF4 Connector Installation

Installing the small MHF4 antenna connectors is not easy. Here is a visual guide on how we do just that.

Antenna Connections for the NEXP1GO

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WiFiX Firmware - Quick Setup Guide