Wireless Haven Customer Setup and Remote Configure Service


Get the advanced help that no one else provides.

Wireless Haven Customer Setup and
Remote Configure Service

Are you having issues getting connected with your cellular router system? Don’t understand how to fix a problem that popped up? Want us to configure your system for you?


We can change your settings, update your router firmware, and more, remotely. This product also offers these types of services, on your newly purchased Wireless Haven device.

The Wireless Haven Services

The Wireless Haven offers a remote advanced technical support product for devices that The Wireless Haven assembled for you, our customers.

Buying this product will get you a scheduled remote session with one of our technical support partners via Google Remote Desktop. We will communicate with you if we have any questions, but otherwise we will handle everything you need to get your device up and running.

Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible, so that you can go back to your life without having to worry about learning a whole new craft just to get connected and online.


Do you have a cellular modem, hotspot, and router devices that need modifications or repairs? Check our available Services SectionIf you don't see a modification or repair service you need, shoot us an email anytime and ask us if we can help.

The Wireless Haven 1 on 1 Tech Support - Happy Support Customer

NOTICE: The Wireless Haven and our technical staff can not guarantee completed results for every customer case. Again, results are not guaranteed.
This service does not include replacement parts, when needed, nor the labor to make major modifications or repairs to the physical device; electronics repairs are also not included. This product only covers general software issues, configuration issues. This is a remote technical support product, not a physical device handling product. We do not offer pro-rated labor or partial purchases and do not offer refunds on this service once it has been performed on your device.

The Wireless Haven reserves the right to deny service to any customer at the sole discretion of The Wireless Haven and its technical support partners if the device is deemed not serviceable by our staff. Refunds will not be given for a device that could not be configured to a specification outside the norm, if our services were rendered to make an attempt to do so. If the device was not given an attempt to configure, we will refund the Wireless Haven Customer Setup and Remote Configure Service.


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