LTE FIX – New Site Announcement – The Wireless Haven has moved to a new website and Domain! Read on to see what is going on and why we have made changes here at LTE Fix...

Hello Everyone,

We upgraded to a completely new website experience for you, our customers, to be better served and informed.

The technologies of internet connectivity are constantly evolving, and getting better yet more and more complicated every day. We needed a website to better serve content, like tutorials, to our customers as well as a simple and thorough shopping experience.

We have a completely new shop with easier to navigate categories and product listings. We will be modifying our product listings, photos, and product information as well as we can, and as often as necessary. Please feel free to email us anytime with your ideas when you see something that needs improvement in our stores listings.

We have created a Learning Center blog to make a central location for finding information on how to get connected, as well as how to use, assemble, and install the equipment we sell here. A place you can even learn what the parts and pieces of all of this stuff actually is.

We will be adding new content to the Learning Center as often and as quickly as we can! Please bear with us as we work on creating these tutorials and content.

You may be asking, why did we change the sites name and domain from LTEFIX to TheWirelessHaven?

Well, much like the technologies of the worlds connectivity standards, our site needed to move on. As cellular 5G technology comes into the spotlight, 4G LTE eventually will begin to be technology of the past. We aren't staying in the past with our store, and you don't want your technology products to be from a store stuck in the past.

In order to not have to do this again with our branding we chose a more universal brand that still lets our customers know we are a place for wireless connectivity and more. A Haven of wireless connectivity if you will.

Please explore our new site and store, sign up for our newsletter, and check back often for new content and products to get your fix for wireless speed!

Best Regards,
-The Wireless Haven