Router 4×4 MIMO Antenna Mod Service

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We’ll make your router full 4×4 MIMO ready for outdoor or upgraded cellular antennas!



The Wireless Haven offers the Router 4×4 MIMO Antenna Mod Service as an professional and affordable service to our customers who want to have their Netgear Orbi, Tmobile Home Internet Gateway, or similar routers modified to allow the use of all four antenna ports that the router has inside the its case.

This service adds 4 SMA antenna connectors to the case of your router. The price of the service includes the 4 antenna pigtails required.

NOTE: Once this is done, you WILL have to use external antennas. The internal antennas will no longer function.

We have been modifying and customizing routers for years. We take the utmost pride in our workmanship.


NOTE: When purchasing upgraded shipping, your order will ship via your chosen shipping method after it has been assembled and configured. The Wireless Haven does not guarantee your assembly completion timeline based on your chosen expedience of shipping. The customer is responsible for shipping your router to us for the mod service. Instructions will be given after order checkout is completed. Please allow up to 1 business day to receive these instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your device will NOT have a valid warranty from the manufacturer after this procedure is done. Again, this procedure will invalidate your device warranty, just like if you did the service yourself. Please understand this is due to the need to physically modify the router. The Wireless Haven DOES offer support and warranty for the work that we have done, though we do NOT extend or cover for the manufacturers warranty in any way.


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Warranty: 30 Days