AirMaster 4000D LTE Outdoor CPE Router Sprint Band 41


Configured for Sprint Band 41


We purchased a limited quantity of GT branded AirMaster 4000D CPE's.  We purchased the CPE (only) and added a PoE power adapter injector, cable gland and pole/mask mounting clamps and studs.   The product and accessories are listed as refurbished, although many (if not all) of the CPE's appear to be new (a few may have minor scratches).

NOTE:  A Cat6A (or better) Ethernet cable (not included) must be used to connect the 4000D to the PoE Power Adapter Injector.  While a Cat5e Ethernet cable will power the router portion of the 4000D, it provides insufficient voltage to power the 4000D's internal modem–which will prevent it from connecting to the internet.  Cat5e may be used to connect the PoE Power Adapter to a WiFi router or PC.

The CPE is configured for Sprint Band 41 and is basically a plug and play unit.   It will accept an active SIM card from third party Sprint provider hotspot plans using the APN's of r.ispsn or n.ispsn.   Phone SIM cards or plans using an APN of x.ispsn were not tested–although the web user interface has a tab for manually entering an APN.

Customers should confirm that they have access to an actual Sprint tower that transmits Band 41 (registering as “home”)–as opposed to a tower from another carrier that is allowing Sprint to “roam” on their network.   The CPE is not compatible with Sprint Bands 25 or 26.

This all-in-one unit is a CAT4 router contained in 13dBi MIMO cross polarity directional antenna enclosure.  Users report average downloads between 15mbps and 60mbps–depending on signal strength and quality–with minimal disconnects.



The 4000D has full routing capabilities, but does not have WiFi.   It may be easily connected via an Ethernet cable to a WiFi router of choice or to a switch and/or access point.



AirMaster 4000D is a high performance 4G LTE outdoor CPE product designed to enable quick LTE fixed data service deployment to the remote customers.  It provides high data throughput and networking features to end users who need both bandwidth and quality service in the remote area.



AirMaster 4000D is fully compliant to the LTE Release 9 specification. It offers standard support for 4G features such as MIMO and AMC to maximize the system capacity and bandwidth throughput. The use of OFDM modulation enhances performance in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions to ensure immunity to interference and multi-path conflicts typical of deployments in densely populated urban areas. Sophisticated QoS capabilities ensure true end-to-end QoS and support for high quality data services.

The product is designed to operate in stringent outdoor environment and meets IP67, lighting and input power surge protection requirements. To meet the different requirements of varied countries and regions, AirMaster 4000D come with different sub models to operate in different frequency bands as specified by the LTE standards.  The currently supported product bands include Band 38, 40 and 41.

AirMaster 4000D has built-in router function and VPN client support to provide greater service flexibility and reliability.  The standard PoE support, easy-to-read signal strength and data activity indicators in the back panel make it intuitive for users to install and check the status of the device.  The signal level LED's assist in properly aligning the CPU in the direction of the cellular tower.



AirMaster 4000D is a cost effective outdoor data CPE based on the standard implementation of LTE release 9 specifications. It is able to meet the most demanding requirements from large service providers with high throughput and availability. With high gain directional patch antenna, AirMaster 4000D enables a longer reception range from the cellular tower.  This yields more efficient use of the network with a larger cell reach, guaranteed carrier class service, and customer service probability.

The device has one PoE enabled data port and a simple software firewall for security, providing an effective all-in-one solution to remote enterprise or home networking needs. Factors such as integrated design, low power consumption, high antenna gain and improved heat dissipation designs further improve the operational life span of this device.



AirMaster 4000D is a user-friendly LTE CPE, and very easy to install and maintain. Easy and simple installation for non-professional user delivers instant broadband anywhere. Subscribers can just connect the device to their computer or home switch/router and the device is ready to offer an experience of surfing over Internet. The LEDs on the AirMaster 4000D have also been designed for user convenience, and offer a clear sign of what the device is doing. The compact design is well suited for enterprise and residential home use in the outdoor environment. The IP addresses can be statically allocated or dynamically obtained via DHCP.

AirMaster 4000D offers rich management features which facilitate the task of service provider. It supports local management access, Telnet, WEB, and centralized remote OTA configuration, upgrades management and device monitoring via standard TR-069 ACS systems.

The Web User Interface has two levels of password protected login management, one for the general user and the other for admin privileges.



It is highly recommended that the SIM Card be secured (i.e., glued, taped….) into the SIM Card Adapter when one is being used.   This will avoid the SIM Card coming out of the adapter and falling into the CPE–which will require removing the eight enclosure screws and separating the CPE cases.

The SIM Card should be installed with the metal contacts facing out as shown below.




Admin Password: Global_system

User Password: user123

Telnet User: root
Telnet Password: root123



(1) AirMaster 4000D CPE

(1) POE Power Adapter Injector (uses standard PC power cord, NOT INCLUDED)

(2) Pole Clamps with Studs and Nuts

Weight 65 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in


Antenna Type

4G LTE Indoor Directional, 4G LTE Outdoor Directional



AirMaster 4000D Brochure


AirMaster 4000D User Manual

14 reviews for AirMaster 4000D LTE Outdoor CPE Router Sprint Band 41

  1. Silas Jura

    Works great if you have a pretty clear path to the tower. Originally I bought for my house but there is a small woods between me and the tower and it couldn’t overcome that so I installed at my parents and they are consistently getting 40-50 download and 7-8 upload. I am about to order 2 more for family and friends. Thanks LTE Fix!

  2. stcabay1

    I am using this product in an area with strong band 41 signal and could not be happier. Simple install only requires an ethernet cable to the antenna. Seems most can get setup without changing any settings, but my setup did require me to put my tower frequencies into the ND&S tab. Once that was completed the connection has been rock solid with speeds 40-60mbps down. If you’re in an area with band 41 this is by far the best bang for your buck. Highly recommended

  3. Susan Jett

    Got one of these to try band 41 reception through trees. Since did not mount but about 20 ft above ground level, was not expecting much as band 41 real weak in my area.

    To my surprise the built-n signal level meter pegged out (occasional drop to four bars) with just 20 ft from ground.

    My download speeds are really good considering I use a Sprint reseller and tower in my area over loaded 90% of the time.

    Since you do not have to deal with coax runs and are just using a Cat 6 cable, this unit has outstanding performance. Actually cheaper to install too!

    Like it so much, got second one!

  4. Felipe Ruiz

    This product is great. I had to switch to 4G/LTE based Internet after moving into the country. I needed something to mount high outside to get better line of sight with a Sprint tower as I often have poor signal on my phone and hotspot. I had one technical question which was answered by BJ within minutes of sending an email. I lucked up that the tower includes band 41 as the service on my hotspot would only allow it to connect on band 25. Long story short, this product works very well and needed no configuration to work out of the box.

  5. Sam Judd

    I needed to connect to the internet in a remote area where only satellite or mobile broadband are options. This product fit the bill for me. The enclosure looks very durable and the card inside as well as the ethernet connector is well protected from the environment. I tested it using the sim card from my sprint phone and it connected without issue.

    Its a well-made unit with good mounting accessories to use on a satellite mounting pole. Just be warned that there is a POE power adapter included but no network cable, so order one of those when you order this. I’ve no issue with this, its reasonably priced …. and well … just works

  6. chenkun

    Works great. Streams movies well, accommodates desktop and smart tv simultaneously with no slowdown or drops in service. Easy to setup. Insert your Sprint sim (PCSforPeople), plug into the power adapter and into router using a Cat 5e cable (was not included), login in and change the password if desired, and your off and running. This device works exactly as advertised assuming band 41 is available. Great solution for rural areas.

  7. tomtom65

    This device found and connected to sprint within minutes of plugging it in. Impressive speeds. More than I was expecting for the price. Plugged it in to my home router and had instant internet. Only wish it had built in wifi.

  8. danoB

    I wanted to share this review and my experience with the Airmaster. It was purchased to replace a Sprint hotspot my Mom has been using as her only source for internet. She lives in the country and there are no other reasonable options. There is a cell tower about a mile from her home, and for whatever reason, I assumed it serviced Sprint. I decided to hook up the Airmaster and get it running before mounting it outside. I tried aiming it in every possible direction but never could get internet. It was late so I decided to take it home and figure out how to get it working and then bring it back to install. I laid in face down on my desk, powered it on and hooked the cable to my computer. When I logged into it, it was connected to the internet. Another trip to Mom’s house the following day, no internet. I did a little googling and found out how to login and see what bands the hotspot was using to connect. Band 25. My advise is to make sure you can get band 41 on your hotspot before buying the Airmaster. This is my fault cause the listing clearly states the same. At my house the Airmaster was quick to connect without having to adjust any settings. It is a well built product and simple to use. May possibly use it in our RV.

  9. Daniel Hoble

    I just got this up and running and I had to come here to leave a review! This is truly a plug-and-play unit. I used to to fixed wireless for a living for a few years so I still had cat5 running up to the eave from a previous fixed wireless CPE. Once I was able to verify that my Sprint tower had band 41 I decided to take a chance on this – I’m glad I did! I’m about 7 mi from the Sprint tower, a fairly clean shot, put it in place, plugged it in, was going to find where I have to enter the Sprint APN but it connected right away without me having to do anything! I’d say if you’re under 10 mi from your Sprint tower and can verify that the tower uses band 41 and can runs some cat5 this is a no brainer!

  10. Larry Tanner

    Thank you LTE Fix. This is exactly what we were looking for. You guys are great!

  11. Jess&Tammy

    This was an awesome replacement for our Calyx Sprint hotspot after its battery bloated twice its size. Swap Sim cards and you’re good to go. No IT or special knowledge required (wife installed ours while I was at work). Always has good internet. If you use a Sprint hotpot, you need this.

  12. eddie0911

    stable with good speeds and no disconnect issues. no brainer to set up. good deal for price. using with sim card from pcsforpeople hotspot.

  13. dantucker

    Easy to install. Mount, plug SIM card in, run ethernet cable to power supply and another ethernet cable to a wifi router, power up and connect. As simple as it gets. Get from 30-50 download and 5-15 up. Had one disconnect in 2 days but reconnects without notice. Use the good 5 in 1 SIM card adapter with the adhesive tape that secures the card into the adapter cause otherwise, the SIM card is a pain to dig out if it falls out of the adapter.

  14. Tom Wright

    Purchased this unit to use with my Calyx hotspot plan. The hotspot would pickup Band 41 on occasion but it was mostly unusable probably due to my wooded surroundings. This made me hesitant to purchase the AirMaster in hopes it would receive a usable band 41. It does have a directional antenna built into the device and should be aimed towards the tower, which at my location was a crap shoot. I installed my sim card and hung it on the front porch in the general direction of the tower to test. Connected the ethernet cable to my computer and instantly had internet with 21mbps download speed which is a record for Sprint in my area. This is a very simple unit to set up and use. It also has LED lights on the rear of the antenna that shows the signal strength that will be useful when I mount the Airmaster permanently this weekend and maximize the signal. Best $125 I’ve spent in a while. Couldn’t be happier.

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