WE826-T2 4G LTE WiFi Router


The WE826-T2 without WiFiX version of GoldenOrb

WiFiX WE826-T2 LTE Router

The WE826 LTE Router is the latest generation in a class of affordable wireless communication products.  Its rugged and compact design makes the WE826 suitable for both mobile and stationary applications.  The WE826-T2 combines stability with performance, and offers a 2.4GHz wireless transmission rate of 300M.   See our WiFi suggestions below.

The WE826-T2 is a router and requires a modem for cellular internet.  See below for different modem options.

Note: To better accommodate our customers, our WiFiX WE826-T2 routers include the SMA Omni-directional LTE antennas and the U.FL to SMA Female bulkhead cables preinstalled in the router.

Please refer to our Complete Build Tutorial for instructions on installing the modem and configuring the WE826-T2.

We now offer the NEXQ6GO-U and NEXQ6GO-M which has the newest WiFiX version of GoldenOrb preinstalled.

NOTE: Cellular service providers may require activating a specific data plan to use on a cellular internet device.   The carriers are constantly updating and/or modifying existing cellular plans.   It is the customer’s sole responsibility to assure a compatible cellular plan is available prior to purchasing cellular related components.


Power Adapter Upgrade:

Our WiFiX WE826-T2 routers include a 2 Amp Power Adapter after determining that 1 Amp is insufficient when using the Sierra Wireless MC7455 modem under load–which may result in both WiFi and service disconnection issues.

We strongly recommend upgrading to our top quality 12V 2.5A (30W) power adapter when using the Sierra Wireless and/or Quectel CAT12/CAT20 modems.  The importance of providing adequate power to the router and its modem must not be underestimated.


WE826 LTE Router Accessories:

The SIM card slot on the router uses a Standard sized SIM card, and a SIM Card Adapter Kit may be also be required.  See installation tips below to avoid damaging the SIM Card slot.

The most popular Sierra Wireless modems to use with the WE826 are the Sierra Wireless CAT6 MC74551, the Sierra Wireless CAT12 EM7565, and the Sierra Wireless CAT12 EM7511 (which has the AT&T FirstNet Band 14).

The most popular Quectel modems to use the WE826 are the Quectel CAT6 EM06-A and the Quectel CAT12 EM12-G.

The Sierra Wireless MC7455 modem is a Mini PCI-E modem and requires no additional hardware or pigtail cables to internally install in the WE826.

The Sierra Wireless EM7455 , EM7511, EM7565, and the Quectel EM06-A and EM12-G are M.2 modems.  All M.2 form modems require a Mini PCI-E to M.2  Key B adapter (with or without optional SIM Card slot) to be used for internal modem installation in the WE826.

The M.2 modems have MHF4 antenna connector ports and require two 5″ MHF4 to SMA Female Bulkhead pigtails (to replace the U.FL pigtails) to install in the WE826.


1. The MC7455 is not recommended for Sprint Band 41 (unless provisioned via Sprint) as it may experience random disconnects.


Cellular Antenna Upgrade:

The WE826-T2's stock 4G LTE antennas may be upgraded to our 700-2700MHz 3.5dBi-4dBi 4G LTE Omni-directional Antennas as well as many other Cellular antennas with SMA Male connectors.

A significant number of customers are upgrading the WE826GO-U and WE826-T2 (as well as the WG3526) stock antennas with the Cisco LTE Omni Antenna Kit.

The Cisco antennas use TNC connectors (as opposed to SMA).  The WE826-T2's antenna pigtail cables must be upgraded to match that of the modem's antenna connector ports to install the Cisco antenna upgrade:


* Note: The two existing SMA connector cutouts in the WE826-T2 router case must be enlarged/drilled to 15/32″ to accommodate the larger TNC bulkhead connectors.


WE826 LTE Router Tutorials:

See steps below for installing a Mini PCI-E modem in the WiFiX W826 routers.

See this LTE FIX IT tutorial for complete instructions on building and configuring the WE826-T2 with a Mini PCI-E and/or M.2 modem.

See this LTE FIX IT tutorial for general information on building and configuring an LTE router and modem.


Wireless (Wi-Fi) Overview:

The Wi-Fi supports IEEE802.11 N/G/B/A protocol with a maximum wireless rate of 300 Mbps. It is equipped with two (2) removable RP-SMA 5dBi high gain Wi-Fi antennas for better coverage and performance in  large areas.

Note:  The WiFi capabilities on the WE826 routers are less than optimal for providing WiFi to multiple devices.  Home installations for family/multiple users/devices, may discover the WE826 is best used strictly as the modem/gateway (to provide the internet) and connected to a quality dual band (2.4/5GHz) WiFi router or Access Point to provide the WiFi component.  The WE826 would be then be connected via an Ethernet cable from one of the LAN ports on the WE826 to the WAN port on the WiFi router or Access Point.


Software Overview:

The WiFiX WE826-T2 comes with OpenWRT pre-installed which may be upgraded to the newest WiFiX version of GoldenOrb, as well as other custom OpenWRT based firmware.

Installing a Mini PCI-E and M.2 Modem:






It is important to insert the SIM Card into the router correctly to avoid bending and/or damaging the internal pins and spring in the router's SIM Card Slot.

It is equally important when using a SIM Card Adapter, that the SIM Card is properly seated into the adapter to avoid damage to the SIM Card slot components.

DISCLAIMER:  Damage to the SIM Card slot, its spring and pins, are NOT covered under warranty.

See below for proper SIM Card and Adapter preparation and installation.


The SIM Card installs into the WE826-T2 with the metal surfaces facing up.  The cut corner of the SIM Card is inserted into the SIM Card Slot.



When using a SIM Card Adapter, the SIM Card MUST fit correctly into the adapter.  This will:

  • Help prevent damaging the SIM Card Slot internal components, and,
  • Help to eliminate disconnect issues that can occur when the router warms up to operating temperatures.

To assure the SIM Card is seated into the SIM Card adapter correctly, all the tits/tabs on the four sides of the SIM Card MUST be removed.  This is accomplished by laying an Emory board or fine piece of sand paper flat on a table and gently working each side of the SIM Card back and forth to sand off the tits/tabs.

The SIM Card should fit into the adapter with ease, not loose but not tight.  Otherwise, when pushed into the router, the SIM Card can tilt ever so lightly on one end (or side), causing damage to the pins in the SIM Card Slot and/or the pins not making adequate contact with the electronic contact chip.  This bad connection can worsen as the router warms up.

Check the SIM Card closely for any signs of damage.  If SIM Card is bad, worn or dirty from swapping it in and out of devices, clean the SIM Card’s electronic metal chip with an alcohol pad and refrain from touching the metal chip area during re-installation.  A pencil eraser may also be helpful to gently clean the metal contact scratches.


Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2.5 in


Hardware specifications

Product number
  • WE826-T2
  • MT7620A
  • Flash: 16M
  • Ram: 128M
  • 140 x 85 x 25mm
  • 5.5 x 3.33 x 1 inch
  • 1 – PCI-E slot
  • 1 – SIM card slot (Standard USIM)
  • 1 – USB 2.0 port
  • 1 – Micro SD card slot
  • 1 – 10/100M WAN port (Auto MDI/MDIX)
  • 4 – 10/100M LAN port (Auto MDI/MDIX)
  • Working frequency:2.4GHz
  • Wireless rate:300Mbps


  • 1 – 10/100M WAN port (Auto MDI/MDIX)
  • 4 – 10/100M LAN port (Auto MDI/MDIX)
Indicator lights
  • PWR (power)
  • WLAN (wireless status indication)
  • SYS (system light)
  • 3G / 4G lights
  • SD light
  • USB light
  • 1*Reset button
Power supply
  • DC 12V/2A
  • 2 x removable omni-directional 5dbi Wi-Fi antennas
  • 2 x 4G LTE Antennas (U.FL pigtail connectors for modem included)
  • Independent WEB page management
Use the environment
  • Operating temperature:0℃~40℃
  • Working humidity:10%~90%RH
  • Storage temperature:-40℃~70℃
  • Storage humidity:5%~90%RH

Software specifications

Wireless function
  • SSID broadcast: support
  • SSID number: 1-3 (support Chinese SSID)
  • Network Type: Guest network, employee network
  • Wireless encryption: WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
  • Wireless MAC address filtering: support whitelist
  • VLAN settings:
  • Transmit power setting:
  • WDS function: support
  • Number of wireless clients limit: support
  • QoS
  • WMM
  • Kick out weak signal device, disable weak signal device access: support
System Management
  • Device management: Chinese / English WEB management
  • System log: support
  • Restore factory settings: support
  • Backup configuration: support
  • Import configuration: support
  • Software upgrades: support
Optional system
  • Original SDK, OpenWRT, ZBT firmware

25 reviews for WE826-T2 4G LTE WiFi Router

  1. David Garci-Aguirre

    This review is for LteFix, not the hardware as we are still resolving some hardware problems. I ordered this router and it worked great for about 5 days when the modem stopped booting up for some reason. Ltefix was very quick to respond and knowledgeable. As is the case with many people right now, internet is crucial to me working. Knowing that, Ltefix sent me one of their test WE826 routers from the shop to keep me going while we wait for a replacement router. This prompt action has kept me on my feet and so far the router has been rock solid. If you are debating whether or not to buy from Ltefix I can highly recommend them as a company. I’m retty sure this router will be as dependable too once we get things resolved. Thank you Ltefix.

  2. Scot Morgan

    I have used 2 of these routers now one with a MC7455 modem and one with a EM7565 and it worked great. The firmware is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate plus the site has links to tutorials that help you with getting issues lined out. They are fast to answer any questions you may have.

  3. Bryson04

    Product works exactly as described. I used with an MC7455, as many have, and I am very satisfied. Be careful if you later decide to power this unit over Ethernet with a splitter. Be sure you ask ltefix support if your combination of products will adequately work.

  4. Bradley Rumenapp

    This is a great router! Do your research for which modem and accessories you will need for your particular provider and setup. The modem was easy to install and setup by following the guides on here. Broadcasts a strong wifi signal to all of my 1900 square foot house. Fast shipping, and the price was right! I would definitely order again.

  5. Susan Jett

    Fast shipping! Got the WE826-T2 and with the detail instructions was up and running in no time.

    Excellent price and support, highly recommended.

  6. Henry Vu

    Awesome router! Super easy to follow instructions putting in the EM7565 took all of 15 minutes to build. Another 10 minutes to load Goldenorb firmware and connected to the internet!


    LTE Fix rocks! Received my router in three days. This appears to be the exact device that the other guys sell for a premium. Now I need to figure out which modem to buy next.

  8. Terry Blair

    I purchased this router along with the Sierra Wireless MC7455 . Both items arrived very quickly and were easy to assemble by following the tutorials. Now I have internet when I didn’t have it before. Thanks so much LTE Fix!

  9. abrisendine

    Quick shipping as well as a great product. Paired with a MC7455 to provide a perfect solution for my needs. Don’t overpay for a MoFi when you get the same hardware here and an excellent backing by a great team. You can look around all you want but in the end you’ll probably end up back here.

  10. sxracerb25

    Received order very timely and product works great. Setup couldn’t have been simpler with their tutorials.

  11. [email protected]

    I recently purchased this router to pair with the mc7455. Additionally, I upgraded the LTE antennas to the 4dBi 4G LTE Omni-directional Antennas ($15 for the pair). The router is solidly constructed. I really like the metal enclosure. Installing the modem was really easy using the provided instructions and screenshots. To attach the LTE antennas, I held them in place with needle-nose pliers and pressed them straight down with my fingertip.

    I am using this on AT&T and connected to an ASUS RT-AC68U via cat6 cable and I’m letting the ASUS router broadcast the wifi.

    Once I powered it up, I received 32 Mbps down and 16 Mbps up. At the same location, I had a Netgear Nighthawk Mr1100 which (with the external antennas that originally came with the WE826-T2) I was getting 52 Mbps up and 9 Mbps down.
    I messed around with placement of the WE826-T2 a little bit and the best I could get was the 32 down, 16 up. As I was working while “on vacation”, this was sufficient and I let my family use the Nighthawk while I used the WE826-T2. Skype calls were as good as they ever are on my home fiber connection, as was browsing, webmeetings, etc.

    I will be permanently installing this setup at our cabin and am hoping it will perform similarly. It was more expensive than the Nighthawk with good, but worse results. I have faith that this unit will be more trouble-free running 24/7 than a hotspot device will, so I’m happy enough with it (and perhaps with some tweaking, I’ll get it close to the Nighthawk in terms of down speeds.).

  12. kuypers

    great router when paired with MC 7455 modem!!!! Fast shipping

  13. matt

    I’ve been using the WE826 for about 6 months now as my primary internet connection. It has been working great.
    The router was easy to take apart and install the Sierra Wireless MC7455. I then flashed it with GoldenOrb using the provided instructions.
    It has been powerful and reliable so far. No need to restart it at all like some other routers.

  14. MxSMyers

    Fantastic product. Arrived timely and well packaged, nothing broken or missing. The router itself works great paired with the MC7455.

  15. Cheburashka

    Like others, I’ve been using this router for a few years, coupled with MC7455 and GoldernOrb to run my home internet off of Sprint, as I live in a rural area.

    Overall it’s been rock solid, but this router loses a star for it’s mediocre Wi-Fi, lack of Gigabit interface, and lack of PoE.

    We recently got a WG3526-P for the office and that router seems a bit better built, in my opinion, and has better WiFi as well as a gigabit interface and supports PoE, which means you can mount it inside an antenna. Although at 3X the price, it may not be worth it in your case.

    Overall, the WE826 is a solid performer and the service at LTE Fix is awesome.

  16. shadowzone870

    This is an awesome inexpensive router perfect for most modems. I paired mine with the EM7565 and its working great. I’m extremely happy with it. I already recommended the same setup to a few people.

  17. ericm

    This router with the MC7455 is an amazing machine. The design is utilitiarian and the construction appears good enough to have a decent lifespan. I was impressed that ltefix added a 2 amp powersupply.

    The performance is beyond anything I could have imagined. This is a great machine for an intro into this technology.

    Buy it. You won’t regret it.

  18. homeworkburgler

    Purchased this router as well as the sierra 7455. Both arrived quickly and install was a breeze thanks to the forums and facebook help page. Will definitly be ordering some antennas to round out the package. LTEfix has been more than helpful in thi 4g journey.

  19. jdp83

    Great router and lots of functionality, smaller than it looks. Jim has great support and fast shipping.

  20. I.Kirby

    This router is perfect for my needs, and the price is great too!

  21. tc6834

    Works fantastic with a MC7700! Although planning to upgrade the modem to either a MC7455 or a EM7565 in the future. I Will definitely be using this for future builds!

  22. jlh62478

    Great router, great price. Fast shipping from LTE Fix and great customer service!

  23. Louis Overfiend

    I used this modem along with an MC7455 and Rooter GoldenOrb to make a fully functioning travel router, which I’ve used around the world without any hassles. I was a bit intimidated by the setup, but ultimately an hour or less of flashing firmware got me up and running. I have experimented with other routers as well for this purpose, but never found anything with the stability of the WE826T. It’s a rock. Lastly, I also tried using an EM7455 with an adapter instead of an MC7455, and found that it also functioned equally well provided you have the correct adapter.

  24. coldknob

    Received order in 3 days. Setup with Goldenorb and mc7455 was easy as I carefully followed the excellent tutorials on this site. Everything is working flawlessly so far.

  25. Bill James

    Great little router and perfect for our RV. Easy to build using the LTE Fix It newsletter.

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