Cradlepoint MC400LP6-ARC Style Integrated 4G LTE Modem (Multi-Carrier)

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Includes two SIM slots for even more data plan diversity options



Cradlepoint MC400LP6-ARC Style Integrated 4G LTE CAT6 Modem (Multi-Carrier Auto-Switching)


Our Cradlepoint MC400LP6-ARC Style Integrated 3G/4G LTE Modem fuses enterprise reliability with unparalleled agility for networking at the edge. Adding a second MC400 modem provides enterprises greater bandwidth for additional users and today’s demanding applications. In addition, more and more enterprises are demanding the ability to support diverse LTE carriers within a single router for high availability requirements.

  • Load balance and add burst bandwidth for peak periods
  • Deploy multiple wireless backup connections to help acquire 99.99% up-time
  • Each modem includes two SIM slots for even more data plan diversity options.

The Cradlepoint MC400 is supported on most carriers in all countries where Cradlepoint routers are sold to include:

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Sprint (Must be provisioned thru Sprint)
  • Generic (T-Mobile and other carriers in the U.S. & Canada)

Whats Included:

(1) MC400LP6-ARC with rebuilt Integrated modem

***Antennas and SIM Cards not included


MC400 Modem: LP6 vs LPE

We offer two MC400 modems.

The LP6 is a CAT6 modem which uses a special version of the Sierra Wireless MC7455 modem card.

The LPE is a CAT3 modem which uses the Sierra Wireless MC7354 and/or MC7355 modem card.


MC400LP6-ARC Modem

The MC400LP6-ARC is a LTE Advanced Category 6 4G LTE modem. The LP6 modems support SIM-Based Auto-Carrier selection so there is only one model for all of North America. Simply insert the SIM and wait for the router to automatically detect the SIM and establish a connection. The LTE bands certified for each carrier are listed below.

MC400LP6-ARC Modem Specs

  • Technology: LTE Advanced, HSPA+
  • Downlink Rates: LTE 300 Mbps, HSPA+ 42.2 Mbps
  • Uplink Rates: LTE 50 Mbps, HSPA+ 5.76 Mbps
  • Frequency Bands:
    • LTE Bands 1-5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 20, 25, 26, 29, 30, 41
      • Verizon: 2, 4, 5, 13 (XLTE support w/carrier aggregation)
      • AT&T: 2, 4, 5, 12, 29, 30
      • Sprint: 25, 26, 41 (LTE Plus Support)
      • T-Mobile: 2, 4, 12 (T-Mobile Wideband LTE Support)
      • Generic: all
  • Carrier Aggregation:
    • 1+ 8
    • 2+ 2/5/12/13/29
    • 3+ 7/20
    • 4+ 4/5/12/13/29
    • 5+ 2/4/30
    • 7+ 3/7/20
    • 8+ 1
    • 12 + 2/4/30
    • 13+ 2/4
    • 20+ 3/7
    • 30+ 5/12
    • 41+ 41
  • Fallback: WCDMA/DC-HSPA+ (42/5.76 Mbps): Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8
  • Power: LTE: 23 dBm ± 1; HSPA+: 23 dBm ± 1
  • Antennas: two SMA male (plug), finger tighten only (maximum torque spec is 7 kgf/cm2)
  • GPS: active GPS support
  • SMS: SMS support
  • Industry Standards & Certs: CE, FCC, GCF-CC, IC, PTCRB, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon
  • Modem Part Number: MC400LP6




NOTICE: Our MC400LP6-ARC style modems are rebuilt with new modems, restored to Cradlepoint OEM settings, and updated with the latest available firmware (checked at the time of rebuild – Currently 03/2021) for each of the four major carriers–firmware that is significantly newer than installed on the vast majority of new MC400LP6 modems.


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