Wireless Internet Modem – Category 12 – Sierra Wireless EM7565


  • Supports bands on all major US carriers
  • Max speeds up to 600Mbps
  • Supports up to 3 x Carrier Aggregation

Wireless Internet Modem – Category 12 – Sierra Wireless EM7565


Top Speed:
: 600Mbps
: 150Mbps

Bands supported per major US cellular carrier**

AT&T: 2, 4, 5, 12, 29, 30, 46, 66
Verizon: 1, 2, 4, 5, 13, 46, 48, 66
T-mobile: 2, 4, 5, 12, 26, 41, 46, 66

Carrier Aggregation Support?

Yes: 3xCA

Cellular Antenna Ports:
2 (2×2 MIMO)

**Check for full cellular band support on the bands tab above.

NOTE: It is the customers sole responsibility to ensure that the cellular service is compatible with the above cellular modem. The Wireless Haven is not responsible, and will not rake returns, if the customer cannot find a cellular data plan to connect their modem to.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 0.2 in

More Details

The Sierra Wireless EM7565 Module is an M.2 module that provides LTE, LTE-Advanced, UMTS, and GNSS connectivity for routers, notebook, Ultrabook, tablet computers, and M2M applications over several radio frequency bands.

This LTE-Advanced Pro Cat-12 embedded module delivers up to 600Mbps downlink speed and 150Mbps uplink speed and automatic fallbacks to 3G networks.  It has integrated GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo satellite systems supported).

The AirPrime® EM7565 embedded module is ideal for industrial M2M and mobile computing solutions, delivering high speed connectivity while supporting 24 worldwide LTE bands, including LTE-LAA and CBRS.  The modem supports LTE bands targeted for global deployment with approvals from multiple NAM, EMEA, and APAC carriers.

Based on the PCI Express M.2 standard with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces, the EM7565 module offers an easy upgrade path to new network technologies and global access to LTE-Advanced Pro high speed cellular networks.

NOTE:  This is a M.2 form card and requires MHF4 Pigtails.   In order to use this card in a 4G LTE Router with a Mini PCI-E slot, a mPCIe to M.2 Adapter must be used.

NOTE:  The EM7565 modems can be troublesome when upgrading to the latest Sierra Wireless firmware.  Some users report losing their modem (AT Command) COM port as well as other random issues during the process.  Caution should be exercised when upgrading modem firmware.  It is also recommended to use a Linux machine for the updates.  We will not accept return of a modem that has been bricked or otherwise altered or damaged.

We now offer the firmware update as an add-on for most Sierra Wireless Modems.

IMPORTANT:  Exercise extreme caution while installing MHF4 connectors to the modem antenna ports.  The ports are delicate and easily damaged.  Assure that the MHF4 connector is perfectly centered, level and aligned with the modem port.  The MFH4 connector will then snap into place using minimum pressure.  Do not apply excessive force.  A damaged modem connector port is not covered under warranty.

NOT RECOMMENDED for use with the M2M NEXG H721 due to this router's high rate of burn out failures.  We will warranty NO modems that are used in the M2M NEXG H721 router.   It is strongly recommended to invest in a quality power strip surge protector (i.e., APC, Belkin,…) to use behind a router and/or electronic equipment.  This will help protect against Transients (momentary spikes/surges in voltage or current) that can be detrimental to expensive equipment.  Transient damage to modems are not covered under warranty.  Protect your equipment.



Antenna Interface:  IPEX MHF-4

Interface: SIM card, USB 3.0, USB 2.0

Form Factor:  M.2 3042

Technology: LTE – CAT 12

Max DL Speed:  600 Mbps

Max UL Speed:  150 Mbps

Operating Temperature Range:  -30 °C – 70 °C

Extended Operating Temperature Range:  -40 °C – 85 °C

Carriers | Bands

LTE Bands

0000000000000002 – B66
0000800000000000 – B48
0000200000000000 – B46
0000040000000000 – B43
0000020000000000 – B42
0000010000000000 – B41
0000000080000000 – B32
0000000020000000 – B30
0000000010000000 – B29
0000000008000000 – B28
0000000002000000 – B26
0000000000080000 – B20
0000000000040000 – B19
0000000000020000 – B18
0000000000001000 – B13
0000000000000800 – B12
0000000000000100 – B9
0000000000000080 – B8
0000000000000040 – B7
0000000000000010 – B5
0000000000000008 – B4
0000000000000004 – B3
0000000000000002 – B2
0000000000000001 – B1

UMTS Bands

1000000000000000 – B19 (850)
0004000000000000 – B9 (1700)
0002000000000000 – B8  (900)
0000000008000000 – B6  (800)
0000000004000000 – B5  (850)
0000000002000000 – B4 (1700)
0000000000800000 – B2 (1900)
0000000000400000 – B1 (2100)


41110788 EM7565 Product Specification r13


41111748 EM75xx and EM-MC74x1 AT Command Reference r4


Antenna Connections


Connecting MHF4 Antenna Connectors on Cellular Modems

13 reviews for Wireless Internet Modem – Category 12 – Sierra Wireless EM7565

  1. tmoffett

    This modem is a major upgrade from my EM7455. With 3x CA my speeds have increased 30% total. Thanks Jim for providing great products!

  2. Scot Morgan

    I installed one of these in a WE826-T2 and frankly i was shocked with the performance i saw from it with stock antennas, 45mbps down and 50mbps up at 6:30pm PEAK times! ,, so it is a solid performer
    It replaced a family members over priced cable modem/TV setup.
    They can now stream anything they want and cut the cord!

  3. Gregory Nitsche

    Couldn’t be happier! Fast shipping! The highest category(CAT12) modem available to utilize 3 carrier aggregation. When hooking up recommended pigtails i used the flat end of a Crayola marker and wiggled wire while putting pressure on the connector to snap it in place. Be sure the mounting screws for the m.2 adapter aren’t touching the router case or modem, if so modification to the screws are required but easy to do with a file. Average speeds of 100-150dl/30-40ul when network isn’t congested. Paired this with wg3526 router.

  4. DonDraper

    Blazingly fast modem with no disconnect issues on Sprint.

  5. watchemburn

    I purchased this modem in conjunction with the recommended pigtails and adapter card. I Paired the setup in a Wg3526 router and a 3amp power supply all purchased here on LTE Fix. Assembly was a breaze, and setup was speady using the forums guides. I plugged in my Sim card from my Samsung galaxy book and performed some m inor settings tweaks as layed out in the guides. Next thing I new I was seeing speeds of 70 megs down and 15 megs up, using some cheap LTE nubby antennas. This modem is solid and maintains a connection well thus far. I also wanted to shout out to LTE Fix for combining my two separate orders automatically to save me on shipping. I will be a returning customer if I need this type of equipment in the future. Thanks!

  6. reitz27

    Lightning fast and reliable. Rock solid on Sprint with updated firmware… does not experience the 3x times a day disconnect that the MC7455 does (though that one is solid on Verizon). Don’t forget the m.2 to USB adapter to update the firmware before installing or Sprint will throttle it.

  7. cwarren78

    Paired this card with an adapter for use in a Mikrotik RBM11G in an outdoor enclosure.

  8. sierraman

    These are the best performing modems currently offered by Sierra Wireless. Can be used in most routers or enclosures using the M.2 to mPCIe adapters or enclosures. Stops the Sprint disconnect issues better than any other modem.

  9. Jim Helms

    This is a common issue when allowing Windows to manage a Sierra Wireless modem and connect to the internet. Windows has a tendency to change the composition of the modem. You will need to access the modem with a Linux machine and change the modem composition to use on your router–assuming you are running custom firmware on your TP-Link router that supports the Sierra Wireless modems.

  10. Iam74Gibson

    Bought this and a USB enclosure… It works great on my Windows 10 PC… However. I am having trouble with connecting it to the USB port of my TP-Link Archer c5400 router… not recognized. Be aware, if you are just trying to build a modem, and not a router, you will need some sort of terminal emulator to configure this (helps if you know Linux),,, I am sure the card is great, but I need to learn a few things to work with it.

  11. shadowzone870

    I paired this modem with a WE826. Make sure you get the adapter and the MHF4 pigtails like the description says. Once you get it going though this thing is a beast. Very happy with it.

  12. zuroxx

    This is a great modem, the pigtails can be tricky to connect but after that I was getting 120mbps no problem with this. Great device to pair with a WiFix Router if you want the best modem you can buy before 5g is mainstream. I’m sure it will be good for many years after that with LTE-A Pro

  13. AndyC

    Big upgrade over the EM/MC7455, disconnect issues are gone and speeds/reliability is higher with 3x CA.

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