WiFiX Medium Router PCB Enclosure Kit


Install your router, PCB or other device outdoors

    The WiFiX Medium Router PCB Enclosure Kit allows the installation of a router, PCB or other device for outdoor applications.


    WiFix MIMO LTE Antennas


    Outside Dimensions: 10.71 in X 10.87 in x 3.80 in

    Medium Enclosure Outside Specs
    Medium Enclosure Outside Specs


    Inside Dimensions: 9.86 in x 9.86 in x  2.50 in

    WiFix Med Enclosure Specs
    WiFix Med Enclosure Specs


    Included with the WiFiX enclosure:

    • WiSecure Mounting System
    • RJ45 waterproof IP67 cable gland/jack
    • PCB Mounting Stands/Stools and screws


    The assortment of cutout options on the bottom of the enclosure allows adding external antennas with ease.

    Optional Cutout Locations


    WiFiX systems are engineered of UV resistant ABS plastic material that is resistant to extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and humidity. They can safely operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C up to 80°C.  WiFix designed sealing systems guarantees a waterproofed level of IP67.


    WiFix Systems are IP67 Waterproof

    The WiSecure mounting system is engineered to couple stability and attractiveness in one product. Its design is made of a special fiberglass reinforced poly-amide plastic, which is super rigid–even in extreme weather conditions.  Its innovative design and composite makeup, compared to metal brackets, offers better performance and a rust free life-time. WiSecure further enables the antenna position and aligning in two separate polarization settings.


    LTE Fix WiSecure Antenna Mounting System
    WiSecure Antenna Mounting System
    WiSecure Antenna Mounting System


    NOTICE: This enclosure listing comes with ONE WiSecure enclosure Mount included with your purchase of the enclosure. You do not need to purchase a separate mounting system.


    Weight 72 oz
    Dimensions 17.25 × 11 × 4.75 in

    2 reviews for WiFiX Medium Router PCB Enclosure Kit

    1. RonStacy

      Bad to the bones…includes everything a person needs to install a poe router. The mount is well designed with multiple adjustment settings. I suspect this enclosure will last outdoors for many years. Absolutely no cons.

    2. fonsi411

      Well made enclosure and solid adjustable mounting system. Certainly no china junk here. Has all the accessories to mount an internal router. Great box for the Cradlepoint CBA850 for a roof or pole mount.

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