Ventev Sleek Form Factor Polycarbonate 4X NEMA Outdoor Router Modem WiFi Enclosure with Solid Door



    The Ventev Sleek Form Factor Polycarbonate 4X NEMA Outdoor Router Modem WiFi Enclosure with Solid Door measures 12” (tall)  x 10” (wide) x 5” (deep) and is UV and impact resistance and provides maximal protection against the elements.


    The enclosure is constructed of high-quality, durable polycarbonate plastic, the NEMA 4X enclosure is corrosion and UV resistant, and RF transparent. The enclosure offers NEMA 4X protection and is intended for outdoor applications where routers, PCBA’s, access points, and other RF equipment are protected from corrosion, dust, rain, and extreme temperatures.  The Operating temperature range for this enclosure is from -40°F to +265°F.


    The enclosure is equipped with an internal Aluminum back panel for easy and secure installation of RF Equipment.


    RF equipment is not only protected from the harshest of elements, its locking mechanism also protects against unauthorized access or inadvertent contact with the controls and wiring located inside the enclosure.


    This sleek enclosure's more refined design features curved edges and a lower profile, making it ideal for environments where aesthetics are important, maintaining an attractive decor.


    Ventev's polycarbonate enclosures have been evaluated for compliance with the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2002/95 and have been determined to not contain substances in excess of RoHS Maximum Concentration Levels.





    Indoor / Outdoor Indoor, Outdoor

    Equipped with an Aluminum back panel for installation of RF Equipment.

    Placing / Mounting Pole mountable, Wall mountable

    Product Material: Polycarbonate

    Features Anti-theft protection, Solid door, Stainless Steel Latch lock, NEMA 4x protection, Tamper-proof, Ultraviolet-resistant, Weatherproof

    Inner Width: 10 inch

    Inner Depth: 5 inch

    Inner Height: 12 inch

    Maximum Outer Dimensions: Approximately 14″ x 14″ x 6″

    Weight: 5 lbs

    Color: Bone White (White/Grey Like color)

    Min Operating Temperature -40 degree Fahrenheit

    Max Operating Temperature 264.2 degree Fahrenheit


    Qty 1: 4X NEMA Enclosure

    Qty 4: Basic Mount plates

    Qty 4: Stainless Steel Mount Plate Screws for attaching to the enclosure

    Qty 4: Cover Locking Screws (Stainless Steel)

    Qty 8: Self Tapping Sheet Metal Screws (1/4″ Stainless Steel Phillips Pan Head)

    Qty 4: 1/2″ Hole Plugs

    Qty 1: Cable Gland (13/16″ Case Hole – 1/2″ Max inner gland)



    There is a lot of real estate in these enclosures and plenty of space for most custom builds.



    Mount Hole Locations


    Included Cable Gland and Hole Plugs

    Included Mounting Hardware


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