700-2700MHz 4dBi 4G LTE Flat Omni Antennas (SMA Connectors) PAIR



Accommodates most 4G LTE routers and our USB3.0 to M.2 (NGFF) modem Enclosure

    The 700-2700MHz 3.5dBi – 4dBi 4G LTE Flat Omni Antenna is Vertically Polarized with SMA Male Connectors.   Sold in pairs (2 antennas).

    This antenna accommodates most Cradlepoint and other 4G LTE routers and is equally compatible with our USB3.0 to M.2  (NGFF) modem Enclosure.

    The 4G LTE (4dBi) Wide Band Omni (flat|paddle) Antennas cover the frequencies and bands used by the vast majority of USA cellular carriers.  They have SMA Male connectors and are equipped with both a hinging (90 degree) and rotating (45 degree) paddle antenna to better optimal signal reception and antenna positioning.

    Designed for indoors use.

    3.5dBi – 4dBi 4G LTE Omni-directional Antennas


    Frequency Range 700-960/1710-2170/2490-2700MHz
    Band width 260/460/200MHz
    Gain 4/3.5dBi
    V.S.W.R ≤2.5
    Radiation Omni-Direction
    Polarization Vertical
    Maximum Input Power 50W
    Impedance 50Ώ
    Connector SMA Male
    Antenna Radome Material ABS
    Dimensions Φ .512in (13mm) x .750in (19mm) x 6.75in (171mm)
    Weight 14g
    Operating Temperature -40℃ to+70℃
    RoHS Compliant YES


    INCLUDES: 2 (pair) x 4G LTE Antennas with SMA Male Connectors

    Weight 1.1 oz
    Dimensions 6.75 × 0.75 × 0.75 in
    Antenna Type

    4G LTE Indoor Omni-Directional


    AT&T, Boost Mobile (Sprint), Cricket Wireless (AT&T), FreedomPoP (Sprint), MetroPCS (T-Mobile), Mint (T-Mobile), Project Fi (Sprint, T-Mobile), Simple Mobile (T-Mobile), Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Virgin Mobile (Sprint)

    Antenna Cable Connector 1

    SMA Male


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