PCB Thermal Heat Transfer Pads (30mm x 30mm x 6mm) – 2 Pack


Secure a router, PCB or other electronic device in an enclosure

Our PCB Thermal Heat Transfer Pads (30mm x 30mm x 6mm) are made specifically for placing between your Cellular Modem and Router Board to assist in shunting excess heat away from the modem chip. This keeps your modem cooler and protects your equipment investment safer from damaging overheating issues.

This is a package of 2 pads.

These Thermal Heat Transfer Pads have a fairly large surface area available and are rated at a full 1.0 Watt of thermal conductivity, ensuring a reliable heat transfer surface for your equipment.

PCB Thermal Heat Transfer Pads (30mm x 30mm x 6mm) 2

You can use these between any two surfaces that need heat to be transferred away from a heat source to a safer, larger, heat sink material. We have tested these between modem and router board, as well as between router boards and their cases. We also use these in custom antenna installations to transfer heat from router system and wifi chips to the antennas large aluminum back plane, acting as a large heat sink.

Thermal Pad Router Install Example
Thermal Pad Router Install Example

The pads are a soft material that the customer can trim down to any size pieces you need for your customized installation needs.

NOTE: Color of product may vary from pictures. The product thermal specification will be the exact same, regardless of color of product received.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 0.5 in


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